Monday, September 12, 2011

Presidential Pops

While on Martha's Vineyard a few weeks ago, Dr. Cornelius procured some of the most delicious pistachio ice cream. It was the perfect creamy to crunch ratio; perhaps the creameries had stepped up their game for the Obamas. Or for us. We're almost as important...

Anyway, Miss McNitt recently purchased some pistachios at Costco and I thought I'd give PISTACHIO POPS a whirl. I blended:

25 pistachios, shelled and minced
6 oz Greek yogurt
1 tbs raw honey

I couldn't find chopped pistachios, and they likely would not have been chopped as finely as desired. I used my mezzaluna. My culinarily inclined brother purchased it for me and I use it at least 4 times a week. It's great for herbs, nuts, veggies and especially onions. I usually cry on first slice but I can now chop half an onion without tearing up.

The pops turned out quite well. I think next time I'll up the pistachio content and add some minced nuts after I blend for textural variation.

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