Monday, September 5, 2011

my fig fiancée

Fig season has arrived. Okay, I know it technically started in June, but it peaks in late summer/early fall. I bought some last week and sliced them, brushed them with a little butter and agave and baked them with chopped pistachios. They were divine. There's something very decadent about the fig no matter how simple the preparation. I sent a picture of my fig creation to Dr. Cornelius. And I told him about my fig pops. And I apparently waxed on and on and on until...the confrontation. He snapped that I had become obsessed with figs. Figs were my new fiancée.

Let me explain. Have you seen the Seinfeld episode The Stranded? Jerry and Elaine are at a party and a highly annoying woman with pretentiously affected speech constantly refers to her fiancée? Well every so often, The Good Doctor deems something my new fiancée (read: STOP TALKING ABOUT IT).

So I stopped. To him, at least. But I could not deprive you, reader, of this delicious FIG POP recipe. I blended:

6 ripe figs
3 oz Greek yogurt
1 tsp raspberry agave syrup
water (for blending)

They are absolutely delicious. Decadent even. And thus begins my autumnal pop series. Check back for two more later this afternoon!

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  1. you should stripe the fig with the cake batter and make fig newton pops!