Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tea-riffic Pops!

Sorry, again. I've been neglectful. I promise, I still love you. And making pops to share with you. But I have a REALLY good excuse. I was in Cape Cod for the week and our beautifully outfitted kitchen had two fancy freezer drawers. Unfortunately, neither of them was functional. Sadly, no pops. Dr. Cornelius and I were quite disappointed. But anyways, I am back and I have a few pops to catch y'all up on, enjoy!

Every summer Miss McNitt (and formerly Skipper Wurzburg) and I make vodka tea. I'm convinced Absolut's Wild Tea Vodka was ripped off our brilliant and delicious concoction. We take a pitcher of vodka and steep sixish fruit flavored tea bags in the sun for 48 hours. It is delicious. So delicious in fact, Miss McNitt often forgets its straight booze and consumes it by the glassful. I don't recommend it.

This March, my mother and I spent a delightfully relaxing week at  Mii Amo spa in Sedona, Arizona. There I enjoyed several daily glasses of Sedona Sun Iced Tea. It's a delicious herbal rooibos made with elderberries and black currants. I brought home a small sample and decided to *pop* some into some pops. I combined:

1 cup of tea (steeped overnight)
1/2 cup frozen raspberries

That's it! Very simple and very flavorful! Try it with YOUR favorite tea.

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