Monday, August 8, 2011

Purely Pineapple

I'm sorry I've been so distant. I really am. It's been a busy few weeks. But now the weekend is over, many many pops were consumed and many many sticks are now available for use. I PROMISE posting will resume as normal this week.

Last week, feeling beaten down by my day with the little ones, I came home in need of refreshment. That refreshment often comes in the form of red wine but I'm trying to cut back on week days. Trying. Remembering the Whole Foods 365 Pineapple Pops of blessed memory, I decided to resurrect them. Easy enough. I blended pineapple and.....pineapple.

They're pretty awesome. In retrospect, I should've left some pineapple chunks in to add a little complexity to the texture. Next time.

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