Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Crawl Continues

After indulging in a delectable late lunch at Snack Taverna, I was rather full. But I put on a brave face, pushed through my satiety and made room for a popsicle. After all, I have a duty to inform my public. Or something. And I was eager to continue my NYC popsicle crawl following yesterday's ΓΌber successful tasting at People's Pop.

My mother and I meandered our way through a few charming West Village side streets and arrived at our destination, popbar.

The popbar storefront, on the bustling corner of Carmine and 6th, is modern and sparse. There is little room to loiter and lick, as it were, much less stand in line. The storefront lacked the homey charm of People's Pop. Conversely, it felt corporate and impersonal.

I did enjoy the large selection of pops colorfully inhabiting the vast display case.  The pops fall into three categories: yogurt, sorbetto and gelato. There are also several add-ons called  "poppings". As someone who revels in her sprinkles (rainbow of course) more than the fro-yo they colorfully adorn, I understood the appeal.

I chose MANDARIN on the recommendation of the young woman at the register (I was having great difficulty deciding among grapefruit, mandarin and pineapple, all "sorbetto"). No poppings. In addition to being full, I was more interested in the essence of the pop, not the accoutrements.

The pop was good. Just good. I enjoyed the zesty mandarin flavor. The pop wasn't particularly firm, making it easier to bite into, a quality some might enjoy. I do not. Because then... it was gone, just like that. And I have to say, unlike yesterday's delightful, long-lasting strawberry rhubarb specimen, I didn't really miss it.

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