Friday, June 24, 2011

Art Inspired Pops

After taking in the beauty of Caitlin McGauley's *pop* art (below), I deemed her pops good enough to eat.  I decided to use her painting as aesthetic inspiration for some new pops. I started with the top left and decided to make KIWI LIMEADE. I used a combination of fresh squeezed lime (my citrus squeezer is by far my favorite kitchen gadget) and bottled lime juice. I thinly sliced the kiwis and affixed them to the sides of the Zoku mold (both front and back). Voila! Tangy, art-inspired pops.

Next I chose the black white and pink pop (second from the right, bottom row). I decided to make CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT RASPBERRY pops. The chocolate is pudding (reduced sugar) blended with a little water (so its pourable). I made the white from greek yogurt and hazelnut extract (the pop on the left has a chopped hazelnut layer). The raspberry layer is simply pureed raspberries (with a little water for blending). I am very pleased with my first attempt at a rich dessert pop. It's both healthy(ish) and beautiful! Which pop should I replicate next? 

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