Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drip, Drip, Pop!

These PINEAPPLE/MANGO STRAWEBERRY striped pops weren't terribly inspired. I had all the ingredients in my freezer...and I really wanted a popsicle. I also had a burning desire to conquer the fine art of the stripe (after my first contrastless debacle).  At first I was disappointed by the drips (caused by careless pouring). Since everything freezes to the Zoku on contact, pouring is a delicate process. However, after photographing this batch, (and enjoying a cool, flavorful specimen) I came around. The drips are crafty and adorably homemade in appearance. This is a recipe I will most certainly repeat!

I'm almost caught up with past pops. Please submit any ideas or requests for future popdeavors in the comment section!

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