Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The People have Spoken

Since I am spending the week galavanting around NYC, what seems to be a popsicle mecca as of late, I decided to sample some wares. After strolling around the Union Square Farmer's Market (love!) I decided to head over to the Chelsea Market outpost of People's Pops. Since it was a warm, sunny afternoon, I began to pick up the pace, the thought of an icy cold popsicle sounding increasingly desirable. I walked with such a determined stride that I had to *pop* into Old Navy for a pair of flip flops, lest I develop a blister.

My eager, overheated palette and I finally arrived. I plopped down on a bar stool and chatted up my pop server (popista?), a lovely fellow MSW who espoused on her theory relating the hipster phenomenon to Erikson's stage of Intimacy vs: Isolation. Very entertaining.

I asked for her expert flavor recommendation. She was partial to coffee. Tempting, as coffee has long been my favorite ice cream and gelato flavor. However, having recently given up caffeine, I opted for the "public's" favorite: STRAWBERRY RHUBARB. It was refreshing and flavorful, well worth the hot stroll over. Though I have no other pop(sicle) shops with which to compare (yet) I am confident in my glowing review of People's Pop.

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