Tuesday, June 7, 2011

High Class Problems

The second batch was inspired by Whole Foods' delicious all fruit pineapple pops (which sadly seem to have disappeared from the shelves). Having boasted to everyone I know about my new Zoku, I was repeatedly posed the same questions "can you add alcohol? can I have one?" Since we were hosting a Memorial Day bash, I decided to answer those questions with a resounding YES! PINEAPPLE KIWI BELLINI pops were born! I added champagne to the blended pineapple and added a kiwi tip and a slice of kiwi. Unfortunately, due to the alcohol, the pops took forever to freeze. I finally stuck them in the freezer, a HUGE Zoku no-no. But, an hour or so later, the pops were ready to be removed by Mr. Knorr, a Zoku expert having recently watched the full 10 minute tutorial on the William Sonoma website. Voila! Delicious pops with a punch!

1 comment:

  1. I had one of these in and out of my mouth. Repeatedly. And it was really good, not gonna lie.