Monday, June 20, 2011

Savor the...savory.

I figured out what is missing in my repertoire of previous pops. They are sweet. Deliciously sweet, yes. But where is the diversity, where are the savory pops? 

I was a little nervous about my foray into the world of savory. I decided to start small. MANGO CHILI LIME came to mind. Still sweet and fruity but tempered with sour and spicy notes. My initial taste-test (pre-freeze) was unsatisfactory, way too heavy on the chili. But cold dampens flavor, right? So I went ahead and froze them anyway. Dr. Cornelius gave his tasting a rave review. We do have nearly identical palettes (except his inexplicable love of the banana bully and hatred of baby corn). So, I am reluctantly looking forward to tasting my own spicy, sweet sample.

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