Friday, June 10, 2011


This latest batch of BLUEBERRY YOGURT pops is inspired by a Martha Stewart recipe. Last night, when I should have been tucked away in bed, I went searching for inspiration. Martha's website features a wealth of beautiful, relatively simple ice pop recipes. 

Earlier in the day, while speaking to my mother on the phone, I heard a yelp and a strange noise. She explained, "sorry, those were falling blueberries." Um, what? Apparently, they overindulged on blueberries (forever known as boodelaries, an adorable childhood misspeak, in our household) at the farmer's market and were forced to freeze bags full. One such bag apparently tumbled out of the freezer, hence the yelp.

Well, it was decided. It seemed I was fated to make these pops today. And they turned out beautifully. I didn't measure the ingredients according to the recipe and I also added a teeny bit of raspberry agave syrup since I purchased unsweeted blueberry juice. As you are probably starting to suspect, I'm not one for following recipes, at least not precisely. 

Now I need to order more Zoku sticks and traffic more friends in and out of my apartment to taste test (and make more room in the freezer for upcoming batches). Any volunteers?

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