Monday, July 11, 2011

Chitty Chitty Chocolate Cherry

I purchased a bottle of chocolate syrup for the purposes of *pop* several weeks ago. So far, I've been making pretty healthy pops so I was reluctant to start poppin' in chocolate. At least it's organic....that made me feel ever so slightly better. No pesticides in my syrup! Anyway...I decided to finally break it out. CHOCOLATE CHERRY seemed to be a natural pairing.

I had some leftover tart cherry juice from the very successful Cherry Coke pops. I combined it with blended cherries (and a bit of water). The next stripe was purely chocolate syrup and the bottom was the cherry concoction again. You'll notice the outer stripes are slightly different in color. I strained the mixture before re-pouring, as some congealed cherry foam had formed at the top.  

When I told Miss McNitt of these pops, she began singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for purposes of alliteration and the added bonus of greatly annoying me, as it took a full day to get the song out of my head (my apologies if I just inflicted the same pain upon you, reader). 


  1. Yes, Dr. Although, as you well know, I didn't get a taste of this batch.