Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Perfect Pearing

Feeling uninspired, I scanned my countertop for inspiration. Onion? Gross. Kiwi? Done it. Tomatoes? Slightly unappetizing (but stay tuned for a savory pop involving tomatoes planned for August). Pears? PEARS!

What to pair with a pear? I felt like stepping out of the *mold*. What's an unexpected pairing for a pear pop yet a classic flavor combination? Balsamic of course! PEAR BALSAMIC pops. I blended a fresh pear with a touch of agave nectar. I added thin (but in retrospect, not thin enough) stripes of balsamic. I adore these pops. The other two tasters had mixed reviews (one loved, one "meh"ed). Try them and judge for yourself!

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