Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pops of Poetry

I don't often buy blackberries. Out of season they're fair at best. But I do love blackberries. I generally pair them with another berry: blue, rasp or straw. I bought a box last week. They're in season and they smelled divine. I keep opening the refrigerator, seeing the glossy dark berries, loitering and closing the refrigerator, uninspired. How can I be so ambivalent about the berry that's inspired great poets like Sylvia Plath; Blackberrying, Galway Kinnell; Blackberry Eating and Seamus Heaney; Blackberry Picking?

Well this evening I decided to finally forge forth into the world of blackberry. After all, they'll go bad in a few days. I considered a blackberry prosecco pop. But then I considered my freezer full of bellini pops. I decided to keep it simple:

1 box of Blackberries
4 oz Greek Yogurt
1 Tbls Raspberry Agave syrup

I just blended and poured! I'm trying to fulfill Miss Shaw and Miss North's request for more specific recipes. You're welcome, ladies. I love the seedy, berry texture of these pops. And look at the beautiful color!

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