Monday, July 11, 2011

Gingerly Poppin'

Last week, when shopping with Deacon Knorr, I insisted that I could easily get in and out of Big Apple in under 6 minutes. I was wrong. I think it ended up being 8ish. Anyway, I was running around the store, grabbing interesting ingredients in a frenzy. One such ingredient is crystalized ginger.

What to do with crystalized ginger? I began thinking of trendy, fruity cocktails for inspiration. I immediately paired mango and ginger. These MANGO GINGER pops combine lime juice, mango and crystalized ginger. The bottom is a stripe of pure lime juice.

This weekend, after a medium sized walk in the dense Chicago humidity (although if you ask Dr. Cornelius, I made him walk 11 miles through the jungle), I was in desperate need of refreshment. These zesty, fruity, flavorful pops were just the trick.

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